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Gifted Services FAQs

How does the Yuma School District One identify children as gifted?

Please visit our Identification page for details on how we identify students for the gifted program.

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Is a gifted student required to have straight A's?

Not necessarily. While the academic achievements of many gifted students cross all areas (language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science), there are many who may excel in only one or two areas. We recognize and qualify students who are gifted outside of academic achievement; these students may not have any particular academic strength but use their intellectual ability in other ways. These students display exceptional ability in the visual or performing arts or have critical thinking skills that they demonstrate through problem-solving opportunities.

Students who have a disability that interferes with their ability to perform well in certain curricular areas may also qualify for the gifted program.

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What kinds of services are available for gifted students?

The teacher will determine the services that a gifted student needs as he/she writes the Gifted Differentiated Education Plan. Some of the most common ways to serve gifted students include compacting and differentiating curriculums that address academic strengths; enrichment; acceleration; and clustering. In some cases, acceleration means content acceleration, which brings more complex material to the student at his or her current grade level. In other cases, acceleration means providing material from a higher grade or adjusting the pace at which a student is asked to learn content or processes.

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Are local school districts obligated to accept the evaluation of a student’s giftedness from another state, school district, or independent service?

No, but the district will consider outside evaluations to see if they meet state and district criteria for gifted eligibility. While the district is not obligated to accept all out-of-district evaluations, the district will accept properly documented out-of-district scores on one of the state-approved tests administered by a qualified professional. The district will also arrange for in-district testing with one of the instruments commonly used in the district in a timely manner upon parent request.

Please view the list of state-approved tests.

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What does twice exceptional mean?

Students who are identified as twice exceptional may have learning disabilities that mask their giftedness. These students may require different identification methods and program modifications to reach their full potential. It should not be assumed that students with disabilities cannot participate in gifted programs.

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Can students identified as limited English proficient be gifted?

Yes. For more information on addressing the needs of diverse student populations, please view this helpful article.

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What is GDEP?

We develop a Gifted Differentiated Education Plan (GDEP) for every student that qualifies as gifted. These plans identify the following items:

  • Individual goals
  • Differentiated instruction strategies
  • Recommended supports
  • Criteria used to measure success
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What is clustering?

Clustering Model: a group of three to six identified gifted students placed together in a mixed-ability classroom with a teacher trained in how to teach exceptionally capable students.

  • Allows gifted students to regularly interact with their intellectual peers and age group
  • Provides services every day
  • Allows for adapting the level of curriculum as needed
  • Provides appropriate rigorous instruction for students with differing needs
  • Reduces the range of needs a teacher must meet in a given classroom

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