Yuma Elementary School District One
ONE Community Pursuing Excellence

Supplemental Programs

In addition to the regular programs prescribed by the state, the school district receives federal monies through the “ESSA - Every Student Succeeds Act” to provide additional supplemental services to District One students above and beyond the regular services provided in the classroom.

Title I

  • Identifies students most in need of educational help (students do not have to meet income standards to qualify for services)
  • Develops programs that add to regular classroom instruction
  • Involves parents in all aspects of the program
  • Provides on-going training for school staff


  • Identifies students who have moved during the last three years due to their parent’s agricultural work
  • Support for children aged three through the eighth grade
  • Migrant Advocates provide support through on-going communication with both students, teachers and parents regarding attendance and academic progress
  • Home liaisons/recruiters address the need for medical and social service through agency referrals
  • Quarterly parent meetings provide information on education, literacy, community and health issues

Title III

  • Supplements Yuma District One’s English Language Learner programs with supplies and materials, staff training, Intervention Teachers and ELL Summer Academy

For more information on the "ESSA - Every Student Succeeds Act," please visit the Arizona Department of Education website.