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Digital Learning Academy

About Us

    Since 2013, Yuma School District One has successfully operated our Digital Learning Academy (DLA) for complete online learning, accredited by the Arizona Department of Education. The Digital Learning Academy is an online homeschooling program in which students can work at their own pace while receiving guidance from dedicated online instructors. This team of online educators have received specialized training to ensure a meaningful, rigorous online learning experience.

    Program Details

    The Digital Learning Academy follows the YSD#1 school calendar, but students have seven days to complete their work. Each work week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. The Arizona Department of Education requires that a student participate in instruction for a minimum amount of hours, as follows:

    Kindergarten 2 hours daily, 10 hours weekly. Grades 1-3 4 hours daily, 20 hours weekly. Grades 4-6 5 hours daily, 25 hours weekly. Grades 7-8 6 hours daily, 30 hours weekly.

    For this program, parent/guardian supervision and involvement is essential for the success of students. To provide additional support, a dedicated District One teacher provides additional supervision and support through digital content. Students receive instruction and complete their work through the use of digital programs.

    Is Online Homeschooling For You?

    Does your child work well independently?Yes/No
    Will a parent/guardian serve as a learning coach for your child?Yes/No
    Can your child communicate effectively and appropriately?Yes/No
    Does your child demonstrate effective time-management skills?Yes/No
    Is your child self-motivated?Yes/No
    Is your child willing to ask for help?Yes/No

    If you answered "No" to any of the above questions, please share this with the DLA principal prior to registration.

    Technology Requirements

    The Digital Learning Academy requires certain technology to be successful as your child learns remotely. The following items are required:

    • Unlimited access to a personal device (computer, iPad, Chromebook)
    • Reliable internet service

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I register my child for District One's Digital Learning Academy?

    Parents can register their child for DLA either online through our registration portal or in person at Pecan Grove Elementary School located at 600 South 21st Avenue.

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    Who can I contact with questions about registering for the Digital Learning Academy?

    The front office staff at Pecan Grove Elementary School are happy to assist you with registering for DLA. Please contact Pecan Grove at (928) 502-8050.

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    What program do students use to complete their work?

    Accelerate Education is the primary program our students use to complete their required work and hours. 

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    How is progress tracked?

    Accelerate Foundation and the teacher track student work and hours. Learning coaches (parents) can check their learner’s progress on Accelerate Education at any time. 

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    How many times a week will my child meet with their teacher for instruction?

    Teachers hold instructional small group lessons twice a week. If any students need additional support, they may join the teacher during office hours or send a message to their teacher to set up an appointment to get help. 

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    What should I do if my child needs help?

    Join your learner’s teacher for office hours or send an email to set up an appointment to get help.

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    Can my child get credit for time spent working on academic activities other than Accelerate Education?

    Yes, parents can fill out an offline tracking form for any time a student spends participating in an educational activity at home or in the community. This time counts toward the required hours.

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    Is a printer required for the Digital Learning Academy?

    No work is required to be printed, and workbooks are provided for grades K–5 during orientation. However, some parents may choose to print work. Learners may also complete any worksheets digitally on Chromebooks using programs such as Adobe or Kami.

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    Meet the DLA Team!

    Nicole Wilhelmy
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    Claudia Garcia
    K–4th Grade Teacher
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    Mallory Behr
    5th–8th Grade Teacher
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    Raquel Ortiz
    Parent Liaison
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