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Yuma Elementary School District One
ONE Community Pursuing Excellence

Art At District One

At Yuma School District #1, we recognize the importance of the arts in education. Every school has at least one certified, endorsed art specialist, and the curriculum matches the Arizona State Standards. We provide students with experiences that include guest artists in residence, art history, critical art, special art events, literacy in the arts, and studio/hands-on projects. We display student artwork at individual schools as well as in the district offices, resource offices, the county fair, and public buildings in the community. Throughout the year, every school has the opportunity to participate in the monthly displays which grace the district board room. 

Meet Our Art Team

Carolyn Guiden
Art Teacher
Castle Dome

David Cullison
Art Teacher
4th Avenue

Mrs. Thrower
Art Teacher
Gila Vista

Roxanne Ramos
Art Teacher
Ron Watson

Ms. Springborn
Art Teacher

Emily Neff
Art Teacher
Alice Byrne & Roosevelt

Kristen Maynard
Art Teacher
Desert Mesa

Maria Orozco
Art Teacher
G.W. Carver

Jose Dorame
Art Teacher
Dorothy Hall

Blanca Espinoza
Art Teacher
C.W. McGraw

Paula Christiansen
Art Teacher
O.C. Johnson & James D. Price

Ms. Mendoza
Art Teacher
Mary A. Otondo

Andrea Sinks
Art Teacher

Cheri Williams
Art Teacher
James B. Rolle

Natalia Galabiz
Art Teacher