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Yuma Elementary School District One
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Military Families

Yuma School District One salutes military families and is committed to providing you with the best available services for the success of active duty and military-connected students!

School Registration

Now enrolling for the 2024–2025 school year

Active-duty families can now remotely enroll their children before their official arrival date in Yuma. After the arrival date, parents then have 10 days to provide proof of residency. Please see ARS 15-823.01 for additional details.

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Clubs and Programs

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador program has shown remarkable success in facilitating the integration and support of incoming students. This program cultivates a sense of a welcoming atmosphere among peers, particularly within the second through eighth-grade student population.

This program allows new students to integrate, feel embraced, and thrive. Serving as a student ambassador also provides students with a platform to enhance their leadership and communication abilities, inspiring others to represent their school actively.

The primary aim of the Student Ambassador Program is to ease the transition for all new students, whether they come from military or civilian backgrounds. In essence, the program strives to alleviate the concerns of incoming students and foster connections between military-connected students and newcomers by encouraging the exchange of experiences, strengths, and challenges.

Dandelion Club

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Any active-duty member serving in the U.S. Military whose child is enrolled at Rolle Elementary School in grades kindergarten through fifth grade is eligible to participate in the Dandelion Club. This club provides a supportive environment for military children to foster connections, cultivate friendships, enhance confidence, and enjoy recreational activities after school. All activities are led by professionals with expertise in understanding the unique needs of military children and families with assistance from volunteers.

We are looking forward to expanding this club to other schools within our district.

Military-Connected Advocate

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The goal of the Military-Connected Advocate is to meet the social-emotional needs of military-connected students by offering support with school transitions, making and keeping friends, adjusting to parent absences and/or reunification, advocating for their needs, deployments, and more.

To learn more and to connect with Sandra Carbajal, your Military-Connected Advocate.

Military Family Life Counselors

Military Family Life Counselors, funded by the Department of Defense, may serve schools with many active-duty dependent students. With parental permission, they provide free, confidential individual and group counseling to children and families to address the impacts of military life. They do not keep records of counseling. They also may provide education and coaching to teachers and staff.