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Yuma Elementary School District One
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Exceptional Student Services

Yuma School District One Exceptional Student Services provides services for students between the ages of 3 and 14 with special needs. All students with disabilities categorically eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), regardless of severity, may receive services. These include students with impairments in speech and language, hearing, health, and vision; developmental delays; emotional and learning disabilities; intellectual disabilities; autism; traumatic brain injury; multiple disabilities; and other health impairments. For more information, contact the Exceptional Student Services office at (928) 502-7800.

Exceptional Student Services Group

Services Provided

We offer services across the continuum from full inclusion in the general education classroom, to off-campus alternative setting, to homebound services. A team of individuals familiar with the student's needs determines the least restrictive environment (LRE) for eligible students. Recognizing the goal to provide an integrated, inclusive learning community, we make best efforts to place students in their home school. If placement in the home school does not meet the needs of the student, we will provide transportation to the service school.


Approximately 50 special education teachers and paraprofessionals provide service to our Exceptional Students. Specialists include our school psychologists and assistants, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. We also provided extended school year services when deemed appropriate.


We offer preschool classes for eligible students from their third birthday to age five (prior to kindergarten). We determine eligibility based on a child's developmental level by measuring for significant speech or language delays, moderate developmental delays, or severe developmental delays. Learn more on our Preschool page.


Technology is important for students with special needs. We utilize iPads and computers to help students develop skills and to access our district's digital content. Additionally, some students utilize highly specialized equipment for communication and literacy acquisition. 

Independent Living Skills

We equip some of our classrooms with cooking and laundry facilities to help our students who need to learn basic independent living skills.

Meet Our Exceptional Staff

Post Complex
400 W. 5th Street, Yuma, Arizona 85364
Phone: (928) 502-7800 | Fax: (928) 502-7818

Matt Kaste
Director of ESS
(928) 502-7792
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Darcy Galvan
Administrative Secretary
(928) 502.7792
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Maria Faltermeier
ESS Coordinator/Coach
(928) 502.7787

Dr. Mayur Pahilajani
ESS Coordinator/Coach
(928) 502.7816

Paulina Razo
ESS Coordinator/Coach
(928) 502.7784

Libby Romines
ESS Coordinator/Coach
(928) 502.7797

Emily Anguiano
ESS Budget/504 Technician
(928) 502.7751

Catherine Dort
ESS Technician
(928) 502.7782

Liane Martinez
ESS Technician
(928) 502.7780

Ruth Ramos
ESS Technician
(928) 502.7781

Angie Carlos
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7806

Robin Honeycutt
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7802

Karyn Irving
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7814

Jinema Morales
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7803

Ashley (Taylor) Rutkowski
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7793

Meagan Taylor
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7817

Amy Thompson
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7794

Monique Garcia
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7786

Leslie Trevino
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7790

Brook Warren
School Psychologist
(928) 502.7805

Jody Ricker
School Psychologist (Preschool)
(928) 502.4417

Aurora Cazares
Psychologist Assistant
(928) 502.7799

Maria Lizarraga
Psychologist Assistant
(928) 502.7760

Claudia Meza
Psychologist Assistant
(928) 502.7798

Joely O'Neil
Physical Therapist (Teletherapy)
(928) 502.7756

Vanessa Martel
Physical Therapist Assistant
(928) 502.7756

Joanna Atherton Medina
Ocucpational Therapist
(928) 502.7809

Amber Guyette
Ocucpational Therapist
(928) 502.7753

Julea Smalenburg
Occupational Therapist
(928) 502.7809

Shannon Manigault
(928) 502.7811

Angelica Randal
(928) 502.7808

Gail Woodard
(928) 502.7807

April Averett
Speech and Language Pathologist (Desert Mesa)
(928) 502.7831

Alana Barnicle
Speech and Language Pathologist (OCJ/Alice Byrne)
(928) 502.7831

Mayte Bramstedt
Speech and Language Pathologist
(928) 502.7831

Taylor Crull
Speech and Language Pathologist (Palmcroft)

Bethany Erickson
Speech and Language Pathologist (Rolle)
(928) 502.8238

Char Frances Rodriguez
Speech and Language Technician (McGraw/GVJH/St Francis)
(928) 502.7710

Heather Smith
Speech and Language Technician (Carver/CDMS)
(928) 502.7600

Andrea Martinez
Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant (Otondo)
(928) 502.8600

Victoria Mccalister
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

Nicole Lasley
Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant (Rolle)
(928) 502.8271

Aixa Robles
Speech and Language Pathologist Assitant (Pecan Grove)
(928) 502.8050